Web Analytics Online Training

Global Digital Center providing online training on web analytics which will help to measure the website analytics by using different types of analytics tools.

Web Analytics is all about measurement, collection, analyzing and reporting of Internet Data through various analytics tools. It is commonly done for the purpose of optimizing web usage. Online marketing, business research, and e-Commerce initiative companies use Web Analytics to measure the results of traditional print advertising campaigns. It helps companies in advertising campaigns, traffic, number of visitors flow for the website, and number of page views.

Web Analytics is not just a tool for measuring website traffic but also used as a tool for business and market research which is very significant in today’s competitive world. It helps to deliver data on the number of visitors, how and where the visitors interact with the website, and the number of page views. It also helps to gauge traffic and prevalent trends which are helpful for marketing research.

Key features of Our Web Analytics Online Training
Increase Your Retailing Power: Our detailed website analysis training helps you identify which ad designs and page layouts are helping you increase your selling power. You can apply the valuable findings throughout your site and campaigns to get the most of your business.
Monitor Your Customers: Our analytics training findings enable you to understand your customer behaviour so you learn to guide your customers in a successful purchase direction.
Track Traffic & Keywords: By using web analytics training, you can learn which search engines are sending you most of the traffic and which keywords the visitors are using to search your products and services.
Increase Conversions and Sales: With greater knowledge about market needs and trends, you can make crucial business decisions that can lead you to increased conversions and sales.
Identify Exit Pages: Comprehensive website analysis training enables you to identify the web pages from which the most visitors are exiting your site. This can help you locate the problematic areas on your site and correct the errors in time.
Track Business 24/7: Using our analytics training service you can keep complete and round-the-clock track of your business including marketing campaigns, customer growth, and even customer loyalty determined by the frequency of visits.
Identify Profitable Markets: Comprehensive online reporting training provides you with full knowledge about your potential target markets and you can easily point out the cities drawing your sales volume. The exact time of visits and conversions is also kept in record for further advantage.
Know Customer Behaviour: Web Analytics training service helps you understand the needs, choices and preferences of your customers in an improved way. By this you can know what a certain clientele thinks of your business and what you should do to improve it.
Address Target Market More Effectively: As you know your customers better, you are able to address to the needs of different clients differently and make your e-marketing initiatives more effective accordingly.
Identify Current Market Demands: The findings of analytics services reveal the latest industry trends and current market demands. Once you know what the customer is actually looking for at a certain point of time, you are able to make additions and subtractions to your business offerings accordingly.
Categorize Customers by Choice vs. Affordability: Comprehensive website analysis training helps you find out whether your customers are brand conscious or price conscious. This knowledge enables you to make changes to your product and service offerings to meet the needs.